Thrive With Natural Pheromones

You know that less is more in terms of makeup. • You’re not physically all over a guy. The quickest way to demonstrate the exact opposite (DLVs), to actually lower your romantic value in his eyes, is to: • talk badly or constantly about your ex. • brag about how much partying you do (unless you’re looking for a hard-core party guy and don’t want any- body else). • have no discernible ambition or passion. • have no income and no desire to change that situation. • laugh about all the drama you cause in people’s lives. • wear too much makeup and too little clothing. • be so drunk/high you can’t maintain eye contact. • bring your child or pet to a bar (it happens!). Learn more about pheromones at and

Trust me, guys meet a lot of women who only party with Pherazone pheromones, who don’t know what they want from life, and who as a matter of course seem to have drama following them around like a lost puppy with greater pheromoens. So when a well-rounded guy meets a woman who has her life figured out, he becomes interested in her very quickly. It may be hard to believe, but they are out there and they are looking for love just as diligently as you are. I swear they are. I know because I’m the one coaching them on how to meet you. And now, I want to tell you how to spot them when you see them with true pheromones. Women with a passion. We want you to love something—if it’s your career, great, but it doesn’t have to be. 2. Women with independence. Youth is an excuse for only so long. You have to be able to take care of your- self financially. No guy wants to feel used for more natural pheromones. A woman with a job has a head on her shoulders. We want a strong, liberated woman, not some girl who relies on handouts from her parents or boyfriends. 3. Women who care about their appearance. I won’t spend long on this because society puts a lot more pressure on women to look “hot,” so women, for the most part, do this instinctively. The main idea is eat right, exercise, sleep enough, rid your life of stress, and let the outer you reflect the beauty and health of the inner you. 4. Women who won’t create needless conflict or drama. If you’re a crazy-maker, we will disappear on you. No way around it. Guys don’t like women who always have some kind of drama that has to be shared. The “victim” persona has to go. If your life is monoto- nous, start looking for passion instead of drama. 5. Women who love themselves. This sounds a little new-agey, but stay with me here. The most important thing you can do to attract a good guy is to focus on the positive aspects of your personality, life, and passions of using pheromones. It isn’t stuff that makes you happy and attractive to other people (no surprise there), but experiences . Experiences enrich your life, create tighter social bonds between you and the people in your life, and add new avenues of interest for you to explore and even thrive in through more pheromones. Learn more about pheromones at